Easy Video Suite Review

(Part 2 Begins Immediately after Part 1 Do NOT Close The Window)

My Easy Video Suite Bonus

Hey Guys here is my first review of Easy Video Suite and I am more then blow away.

It was extremely easy to get up and running. I purchased and installed Easy Video Suite in under 10 minutes.

I then went ahead and created my first videos, uploaded it and created a page for the video in about 15 minutes.

If you would like to know what my bonus is you can see it below:

EVS + ZCTA + ZVG = Formula for Video Success!

If you missed my previous email and
do not know what that amazing bonus
is referring to. Let me quickly break it down
for you....

Bonus #1.

The first amazing bonus is my unreleased
"Zamurai CTA Bundle" product.

(CTA = Call To Action)

This is a bundle of over 8 high quality bumper
videos that you can add to the beginning and
end of your videos to SKYROCKET the clicks
to your affiliate links or link to your website.

I've been personally using these high quality
CTA's with some great results.

All you have to do is add it to the beginning
and end of your video so you can really
"sell the click" and drive people wherever you

It's almost irrestible for your viewers to NOT click
the links since it's human nature to follow one's
eye's to see what they are looking at :) pretty genius

Bonus #2:

It did take me quite a bit of time and $ to
put together those CTA bumper videos
since I not only had to first buy the stock
images which are $10 a piece....

...but I then had to put together the
Power Point slides, Record the Power
Point, edit the video in iMovie, add
sound effects and finally produce the video.

So what I am going to do for you is throw in
ALL the powerpoint slides, stock images and
where to get sounds effects for FREE with this

Keep in mind these are all high quality stock
images that you could not get for less then
$10 a piece and I have over 18 of them to send
your way :)

This is going to allow you to edit the CTA bumper
power point slides to your liking and even create
your own.

I may even put together a video of how to
create your own CTA bumper videos with
the slides and images to make it easier for

Bonus #3

My 3rd Bonus is yet another JUICY strategy
that is going to help you make high quality
videos that sell.

Easy Video Suite is the Tool that you are
going to use to make videos and my
"Zamurai Video Guide" is going to teach
you how to make great videos that offer
good content but don't ramble on FOREVER.

Most new video marketers struggle to make
proper videos because they don't really know
how to start or finish a video properly which
usually causes them to ramble on forever,
or having to record a video over and over
because it just doesn't seem right.

Has this ever happen to you?

Well with my Zamurai Video Guide you are
going to learn a simple yet POWERFUL
3 Step formula to use for EVERY single
video you ever make to make sure
you get your message across as effective
as possible.

And I'm not only talking about screencast videos
this formula works for powerpoint videos,
video sales letters, just about any kind of video
you can make online.

So you have:

EVS + ZCTA + ZVG = Formula for Video Success!

I don't think it can get any better then this. :)
Or maybe it can...

I will also let you choose any one of my
other products (if you don't already own them)
100% Free.

There is:

My Tube Takeover Formula
My Tube Sniper Pro Research Software
My Tube Sniper Rank Tracker
My Tube Sniper Suite

I am really looking forward to sending you
my bonus once you purchase EVS.

You have the best of both worlds

EVS + ZCTA + ZVG = Formula for Video Success!

So here's the deal...

To get my EasyVideoSuite bonus,
this is what you do:

#1 Get EasyVideoSuite through me
using this link: http://zamuraiblogger.com/go/evs

#2 Forward your Clickbank receipt to me

I'll send you the download link for my
bonus shortly thereafter.

Any questions? Leave them below.

To Your Video Marketing Success,